What the other agents know…can help you.

Ever spent time with people at an annual conference, get to know them over the years, become aware of their knowledge and expertise but continue to be unaware of their vast library of quality work until you take the time to look? Today I took a closer look at the YouTube channel for...

I get lost so you don’t have to.

I know. I know what some are thinking about the consequences I face when wandering untrodden paths. Everyone else turns right. Mike goes left. Sometimes it is by chance and sometimes by design.

When I get lost, it's so you don't have to.


In February, I...

Cruising your way to a healthy lifestyle

A posting on an online forum this week asked for advice on how to “Lose before I cruise.”  Some suggested an Atkins Diet.  Others touted willpower.   I’ve tried the “Lose before I cruise” goal, but it never worked for me. Neither have the related “lose by summer”, “lose...