What the other agents know…can help you.

What the other agents know…can help you.

Ever spent time with people at an annual conference, get to know them over the years, become aware of their knowledge and expertise but continue to be unaware of their vast library of quality work until you take the time to look? Today I took a closer look at the YouTube channel for PCT-TV by Premier Custom Travel.  

PCT-TV THE ITINERARY - Episode 1.23 is just one in a library of great travel industry content of use to travel agents and the travelling public.

Industry leaders, I hope you are watching, too!


Chris Grum and Scott McAllister nail it on their response to the (2 part) Question of the week:
--When cruising re-starts, will I need a Passport to sail from Galveston?
--What, if any, documents do I need  to take my teenage daughter on a  cruise without my ex?

Chris and Scott, answer the questions and continue with an informative discussion on recommendations and requirements for passports and documentation for minor minors not traveling with both parents--a useful perspective no matter the itinerary.

Dang, Chris and Scott, you have been generous posting great content for years! We can hardly wait for the return of The Itinerary in September, now that I am subscribed to your channel.

Can readers tell both have a background as professional radio broadcast personalities?

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