You Want to Cruise the Med in Winter?

You Want to Cruise the Med in Winter?

So you want to cruise the Mediterranean in winter?

With some itineraries, the options are so numerous we can get overwhelmed. We are afflicted by the deluge of data.

So, when exploring options for an off season vacation, the simplicity of the results can be misleading. Searching travel and cruise warehouse suppliers on shoulder and even off season you are likely to find some options and likely low rates.

But be careful of being lured into the Goldilocks Fallacy.

The simplicity of limited options can be attractive. The choice seems easy. We think, “This one is too hard. This one is too soft. So, this one must be just right.” Goldilocks would choose the middle option, but perhaps none of the options are good.

If you ask me about cruising the Mediterranean in winter, I will be sure to ask a few questions before jumping in to quoting itineraries and rates.

I will want to know your prior cruise experience, and expectations about a winter cruise on the Med. What you might find in port will be relevant. We might talk about a river cruise or what other travel interests you have. I would be interested to know what places in the world haven’t you seen yet, what you imagine yourself doing when you get there, and when imagining travel, where do you see yourself happy or feeling sense of awe?

Meet with an experience travel adviser.

Discuss your passion for travel.

It may be that options can be paired down to a few itineraries.
It may be that the open Mediterranean sea during winter is not the best option for you….at any price. Or perhaps you will find a single definitive itinerary that is just right for you— an option that wasn’t even listed on your favorite website.

Of course, if you think you know exactly what you want, and believe that booking online with one of the large cruise or travel warehouses will allow you to
quickly check off the “booked a Med cruise” box on your list of things to do, be sure to send me a postcard… or an e-mail. ( I’d love to know how it went.)

But, if you take the time to have a real conversation about travel we can help you choose a vacation that will be just right.

Michael Akana, ECCS, CTC

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